Thursday, April 21, 2016

Script Writing Cheatsheet

Sorry I haven't been posted on my blog for quite some time. SO much has happened, but I'm not going to get into that right now. Today's post is for up-and-coming screenwriters. Here is a cheatsheet I have assembled throughout my schooling and real world experience. Follow these simple rules and you'll be out to a great start!

GOLDEN RULE:  If it can’t be filmed, you cannot write it!!!!

The No-No List
The types of words to look for and avoid in your script

1.     Is
2.     Telling
3.     Asking
4.     Explaining
5.     Thinks
6.     Feels
7.     Love (you cannot show emotions on film, but you can describe it so that others can act it)
8.     Realizes
9.     Believes
10.  Desires
11.  Forgot
12.  Noticed
13.  Past tense words (i.e. picked, kicked, splashed, created, etc. ** Basically anything with ‘ed at the end should be looked at carefully!)
14.  Decides
15.  Wishes
16.  Hopes
17.  Doing
18.  Future tense words (i.e. will do, is going to, plans to, wants to, etc.)

These are the biggest No-No’s in a script.  In dialogue it’s different because the characters can break these rules, however, in the action scene you cannot use them!

The purple words are the most commonly used words and should be avoided!

PS: This list will also be on my website.

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