Friday, June 6, 2014


I did it… I finally graduated college! I’m the first woman in my family’s history to ever get a higher education. It took me four years to get to this point, which was increasingly difficult considering I did it all online, but I did it! Two different colleges and one degree later, I can now proudly say I am an educated woman.

I truly couldn’t have done it without my stronghold, my incredible husband. It sounds cliché to say, but I can say it because it’s a fact. He was always there to help me when I needed him the most. He’s been my biggest fan and supporter, and he’s the only person who can honestly say that he has read EVERY PIECE of work I have ever written (during college). He’s been my spell checker, out-loud reader, and overall a huge part of my success. Not to mention our daughter, who I have sacrificed four years of her life and missed out on a lot of precious time with, just to complete my degree. Someday I pray she understands that it was all not for naught.

I know what you may be thinking; did he help me with some of my schoolwork? Absolutely, I’d be lying if I said no. We’re a perfect team and we work well together.

Did he ever write any of my work? That’s the real question, isn’t it? I never took credit for doing this all on my own, especially during the beginning of my education. I had many stumbling blocks along the way, but every time I couldn’t start something because of these blocks, all he had to do was write the first sentence, after that it’d spark something in me to finish.

If you were to ask him, “Don’t you think that’s dishonest and unfair?” I guarantee you he’d respond with this or something similar, “No. Honestly, I don’t know how I even helped because she never used anything I ever wrote. She would look at what I wrote and branch off of it towards a completely different perspective, one that I didn’t see before. By the end of it, she’d have a totally different piece from the one I started for her.”

I only hope I can one day return the favor, and be his starter and foundation. Until then, he has my full support. Just a few more months and he’ll also be a graduate from Full Sail University, but from the computer animation program. Expect greatness from us, because together we are a – sorry Miley – wrecking ball!

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