Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Q & A

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions, and although I wouldn’t necessarily call it “fan mail,” I’m here to answer some of those questions.

Why did you go back to school?
As tough of a question as that is, I suppose you could say that I went back to school for the same reason any of you would even consider going: to make more money.  I had spent countless years being passed up for promotions at work because of my “lack of education.”  Looking back, I only now realize that it was just an excuse to hire someone else.  I had all the experience, qualifications, and knowledge to do the job better than the next person, yet no one would give me the time of day.  

Did you not present yourself well?
Oh, but I did.  I NEVER went to a meeting or interview unprepared, and I always dressed appropriately.  My resumes never had typos, I had several letters of recommendation, my cover letters were catered to the positions I applied for, AND I even had a portfolio.  I was a true professional businesswoman; I had the best training.  Getting a job interview was not the problem, getting the job was.

Then why wouldn’t anyone hire/promote you?
I asked myself that question a thousand times.  That’s something I couldn’t answer back then, but I think I can now.  I’ve always aspired to do great things, and my goals have always been set high.  I’ve never had a problem starting out at entry-level positions, heck that’s practically all I’ve ever worked as, but getting married as young as I did has its consequences: debt.

I think that potential employers saw me as a high-risk employee because I was young, married, and had no college education.  If you look back even ten years ago, every company in the world wanted educated employees.  Now, employers want EXPERIENCE and EDUCATION.

Is THAT why you went back to school?
Yes, now keep reading.  After five years of constant rejection – and I mean constant! – I finally had enough.  I couldn’t afford to not get a promotion because of my age and “lack” of education; I now had a daughter to feed.  I swore that I would NEVER again let anyone pass me up for a promotion because of my lack of education or experience.  So I set out on a course to be the BEST of the best in my class. 

I did so well at Ashford University that I was awarded with some of the highest possible honors within my first two years.  I was in the top 3% of both campus and online students in the world.  No, I’m not kidding.  I got the opportunity to attend two ceremonies at the school regarding my awards, which were publicized. 

Wait, you said Ashford University, don’t you attend Full Sail University now?
Correct.  I actually started at Ashford University to get my duel BA in Education and Psychology. 

Why the sudden change?
Half way through my course, I took one class that changed everything: English 225.  Ironically, my English class was an introduction to film.  I absolutely LOVED that class!  Everything about it just felt right.  By the end, my instructor told me that I was going to school for the wrong thing.  He told me that no one, in his many years of teaching, had ever received 100 percent across the board, until me.  His direction and inspiration left me wanting more of the film world, and so I went in search of a new place to call home.

What are you going to do after you graduate?
I had planned on moving to California in search of work, however, now that I’m expecting a little one, I can’t do that right now.  My plans are going to have to wait, but in the mean time, I think I’ll do some freelance work.  Write my books, edit other people’s work, write for the newspaper, make short-films, and anything else I’ve been putting off for four years.

And the last question I’ll answer for today…

How young were you when you got married?
Uh… um… I was pretty young, but at least I had graduated high school!  Okay, fine.  Long story short, I met my husband two months after I graduated high school, I was 17.  Five months after I turned 18, we got married.  So we technically dated for six months before we got married.  He was 21 and I was 18. 

For all you skeptics out there, yes, it IS possible to find your soul mate/true love at any age.  I was fortunate enough to find mine.  We’ve been together for just about ten years, and we’ve been married for over nine.  We have a beautiful five-year-old daughter, and we’re expecting our second one to be born by October of this year.

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Thanks for reading!

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