Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Opportunities are all around you, but how do you know when an opportunity is the right one?  As for me, I’m in a little bit of a bind with one now.  I have two days to decide whether or not to apply myself as a production staff member of a reality television series, Starting Strong.  While relocation and moving around isn’t a major issue, it will be in the months to follow.  So, before I decide to move to Denver, I need to make a list of pros vs. cons.  (I know, such an elementary thing to do, but it works well into adult hood!)

-      It’s in Denver, close to home.
-      I get to work on a production team.
-      It’s experience and related to the field I want to get into (television).
-      It’s on its second season, which is an indicator of good ratings.
-      Lots of traveling required.
-      I more than qualify for the position. 
-      No one wants to hire a pregnant woman.
-      Traveling will become difficult in the third trimester.
-      Pay scale, unknown.
-      Show and production team, unheard of.
-      Entry-level position means not utilizing my degree, at least in this case.
-      No chance of advancement.
-      Being a “secretary” type of assistant, I didn’t spend four years of school to become someone’s secretary and not be able to move up in the company.
-      What about my family?

Decision:  Pass; there will be other opportunities.

When the right opportunity arises, I won’t have any doubts that it will be the right one.  In this case, I not only doubt the position, I doubt myself as well.  There’s no guarantee on how long I’d be working for this company, and I need to take care of myself before I commit to something. 

Do you doubt you could do the position?  
No.  I just don’t want to put myself in a position to where – if I had to leave because of complications, or maternity reasons – I wouldn’t be able to finish what I started.  Whatever decision I make, I have to put my family before my career.  Even though I know my five-year-old daughter could handle a life altering decision, in a few months, I’ll have a newborn to depend on me.  I just can’t think about changing our whole lives at this point in time.

For now, I will continue to write.  Thanks for reading!

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