Tuesday, March 11, 2014

10 Top Reasons Why You Should Like My (Facebook) Page

Hey, everyone!

Before I get to the point, I just wanted to thank all of you who have been following my posts.  As promised, I will post more often.  I even set a reminder on my calendar to post on here, just in case I forget.  So without further ado…

10 Top Reasons Why You Should Like My (Facebook) Page

1.     It’s MY page. 
2.     You’re my friends/family/colleagues/acquaintances, are you not?
3.     You support me when you like my page.
4.     You can help to promote me as a writer.
5.     I’m not your competition; I’m your ally.
6.     You get first announcements of casting calls.
7.     You can submit your music to me if you want me to use it in a production.
8.     You get the latest news in my career development.
9.     I will succeed in living out my dreams, and you can play a part in that.
10.  I never forget those that support me, so thank you all in advance for liking my page!

In case you missed it, my Facebook page is:


  1. On a side note, if you choose not to liker her page, she will Facebook haunt you. You'll hear her voice in your head every waking moment, "LIKE MY PAGE!" Every time you think you've gotten away, that little voice in your head becomes an echo, "LIKE MY PAGE!" When the sun fades for the day, the dusk brings whispers, whispers of a Facebook page you should have liked many moons ago, but never forgotten, for SHE won't let you forget.